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Fans in Laos Follow Suspicious Death of Thai Actress “Tangmo”

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The death of 37-year-old Thai actress Nida Patcharaveerapong, known as Tangmo, saw new developments last week, with fans in Laos following the story closely.
The actress fell into the Chao Phraya River in Muang District of Nonthaburi, Thailand, around 10:40 pm on 24 February, with her body discovered on Saturday.

One of the five friends of the actress who was present at the scene has alleged that Tangmo’s fall from the boat was the result of the boat suddenly lurching in the water, but conflicting accounts of the night’s events continue to cast doubts for many.

While an autopsy has been completed, the actresses’ mother is asking for a second autopsy to be performed.

Meanwhile, the case continues to draw the attention of fans, both in Thailand and in Laos. 

Laotian Times heard from several Lao students about their feelings on the case of the Thai celebrity’s death, many of whom suspected foul play on the basis that the friends took too long to report the incident to the police.

One 19-year-old Lao student said that she was following the case “extremely closely,” found the case tragic, and expressed her hopes that the celebrity would find peace with her father in heaven.

Another 21-year-old student said that while she had initially followed the case with interest, and that it had even made her fear rivers and lakes, she was now tired of the attention being given to the story.

For another student, aged 32, the case is an example of how powerful people are rarely brought to justice: “In my opinion,” she said, “I think we will not know the real situation because this is about power and money. Money can obscure everything.”

Three days of Christian memorial services for the Thai actress are scheduled to take place this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Liberty Church in Bangkok’s Saphan Sung District.

Thai police said at a press conference on Tuesday that they will close the case today, likely charging the boat owner and unlicensed skipper with negligence.

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