Vientiane Traffic Police Out in Force During Lao New Year 

Police checks a motorist on the road

Traffic Police officers in Vientiane Capital will increase their presence in and around the city over the Pi Mai Lao period.

Led by Lt. Colonel Chanthaboun Manivong, police will be manning checkpoints across the city to enforce traffic regulations.

Lt. Col. Chanthaboun told the media yesterday that police officers will set up eight new checkpoints along main roads, with nine checkpoints at major temples, as well as maintain a presence at over 60 police boxes. 

Police officers will patrol both day and night to ensure Lao New Year celebrations in Vientiane remain orderly and in line with fine traditions and customs.

Lt. Col. Chanthaboun has called on motorists in the capital to comply with traffic regulations to avoid accidents on the roads. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), some 22 percent of road accidents in Laos involving men have been caused by drink driving, while 32 percent of accidents involving women were alcohol-related.

Half of all Laos’ road traffic deaths involve alcohol, according to a WHO report.

In 2021, over 800 people were killed in road accidents across Laos, with the majority of accidents caused by drunk or reckless driving.