US President Biden to Host ASEAN Leaders at Summit in May

US President Biden to host ASEAN leaders at summit in May.
US President Biden to host ASEAN leaders at summit in May (Photo: Reuters).

US President Joe Biden will host leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Washington next month for a summit.

The event, to be held from May 12-13, is intended to demonstrate the United States’ commitment to regional cooperation, according to the White House.

The summit will mark 45 years of US-ASEAN relations, coming on the heels of Biden’s October 2021 involvement in a forum in which he pledged USD 102 million to assist these countries with Covid-19 and health security, climate change, economic growth, and gender equality.

“It is a top priority for the Biden-Harris Administration to serve as a strong, reliable partner in Southeast Asia,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Saturday in a statement.

“Our shared aspirations for the region will continue to underpin our common commitment to advance an Indo-Pacific that is free and open, secure, connected, and resilient.”

The summit was initially to be held in March but was postponed due to scheduling concerns by some members and the advent of the conflict in Ukraine.