Eleven Bodies Found at Thai Excrement Cult Temple

Bizarre cult leader arrested in Chaiyaphum, Thailand
Bizarre cult leader arrested in Chaiyaphum, Thailand (Photo: Photo: Makkawan Wannakul).

A police raid on a bizarre cult temple located on public land in Chaiyaphum Province in Isan, Thailand, has led to the discovery of eleven corpses.

The leader of the cult, 75-year-old Tawee Nanra, was detained by police but has not yet been charged with any crimes.

He has allegedly been “treating” followers for various diseases by having them ingest his bodily fluids, excrement, and flakes of skin.

Reports suggest that the cult essentially detained the “patients” undergoing these unsanitary treatments.

The eleven corpses found in coffins by police were, according to the cult’s followers, there in order to send them to heaven via rituals. 

When asked to provide the death certificates of the eleven bodies, the cult was not able to provide the papers for five, and those five bodies could not be identified.

The team that raided the site was led by Jeeraphan Phetkao, the renowned shaman also known as Mor Pla, who received complaints from the public about the cult. 

He was aided in the raid by the Governor of Chaiyaphum Province, Kraisorn Kongchalad. 

The governor has ordered that autopsies be carried out on all eleven bodies.