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Tiger Bank provides five core community resources to support their holders Build an NFT community of professionally successful people

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 13 May 2022 – Tiger Bank, an NFT project founded by Asian digital marketing group Eagle Sky, announced that it will release its project roadmap on the 13th of this month. The biggest feature of this project will be its unique community operation model. This is a community dedicated to professional and successful people in various fields. Members come from different regions of the world. The project party has designed rich community mechanisms for sustainable operation. The goal is to build bridges for people from different countries and industries. Meanwhile, Tiger Bank community will provide a variety of courses, expert lectures and trend analyses related to blockchain and NFT.

Official Website: https://tigerbanknft.com/

Holding “Tiger Bank NFT” is the best way to join a community of successful people

To assist beginners who are not yet familiar with NFTs and all holders who have just come to its community, the biggest feature of the project will be to focus on establishing a network of contacts within the community and expanding its influence outwards continuously. Therefore, holders can immediately feel and enjoy community service after joining this community and get more NFT resource support.


Long-term values in both Web2 and Web3 Worlds: Five Community Resource Support

The first is “consulting service”. Holders of Tiger Bank NFT can consult advertising, marketing, branding and business development related questions and exchange assets in the virtual world for real resources. Second, Tiger Bank will provide diversified courses because this is a community that helps each member grow. The project party will collect the actual needs of holders to provide courses and lectures; the third community support is to hold NFT master seminars. Besides experts and first-hand information from key opinion leaders, the community also provides opportunities for members to ask questions of experts. The fourth community resource is that the project party will regularly publish NFT trend reports, not just news! Finally, Tiger Bank will also hold offline events on various themes in different countries, allowing members to meet in the real world while building a Web2 and Web3 contacts network.

Tiger Bank’s community resources come from the project’s unique salary mechanism – besides its rarity, each NFT has its “salary leaderboard” called “TigerDollar”, and holders can earn more their NFT TigerDollar for richer community support.

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