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Mini LEDs, Big Picture: Philips 65-inch MiniLED TV Launches in Malaysia

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Brilliant Mini LED display, 4-sided Ambilight, and total UHD quality

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 30 May 2022 – Mini LED Technology brings amazing deep blacks and vibrant colours to the big, new 65″ Philips’ 4K UHD Android TV, and it’s now available in Malaysia.


The Philips MiniLED 9506 TV supports all major HDR formats and gives a truly impressive, lifelike big-screen picture. Over a thousand intelligent Mini LED backlight zones are independently dimmed or brightened to enable pin-sharp contrast and real depth.

Video and sound quality

The screen’s Philips P5 processor with AI always delivers lifelike detail and contrast, rich colour, and smooth motion. Support for Dolby’s premium sound and video formats, including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, means that HDR content will look and sound glorious. Mimi Sound’s personalized health volume function creates a more enjoyable listening experience by tailoring sound patterns to users’ ears through listening tests.

Immersive Ambilight and whole-household audio

Philips 4-sided Ambilight make every moment feel closer, with Intelligent LEDs around the edge of the TV frame that respond to the on-screen action with a captivating, all-round immersive glow that fills the room for movies, shows, and games. DTS Play-Fi wireless audio streaming technology brings an unprecedented sound revolution to the home entertainment experience by letting users control all their home DTS Play-Fi-enabled products via Wi-Fi and stream music simultaneously.

Powerful game and streaming content support

The TV automatically switches to an ultra-low-latency setting as soon as a game starts on a connected games console. VRR and Free-sync can provide smooth fast-action gameplay with ultra-low latency on any console. Owners can enjoy almost an inexhaustible supply of content from YouTube, Netflix and Disney+ streaming services.

Premium materials

Owners will enjoy premium-quality materials from stand to remote, providing a stunning addition to any home. The polished metal edges of the TV’s feet contrast beautifully with the brushed metal bezels. The soft, textured leather-backed remote is as easy to hold as it is to look at.

Where to buy and MSRP

Philips 65″ MiniLED 9506 TV: RM8999
Philips 65″ MiniLED 9506 TV is available at Philips TV Authorized Dealers

For more information about the Philips 65″ MiniLED 9506 TV at

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