Government of Laos to Resolve Seven Issues


The government of Laos held its monthly cabinet meeting yesterday in Vientiane Capital to mull solutions for various problems faced by the country.

The meeting was held at the Prime Minister’s Office, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone, and attended by deputy prime ministers, ministers, and members of government.

The cabinet meeting noted that it must find realistic, quick, and efficient solutions to currency management, fuel shortages, and problems related to public and foreign debt.

The May monthly cabinet meeting also outlined seven key issues, including:

Drug Enforcement
The cabinet resolved to continue working to address the deepening drug problem, which was defined as a National Agenda in May last year. 

The government will work toward attracting more domestic and foreign investment, as well as monitoring construction projects to ensure they are completed on time.

Revenue Collection
The cabinet said it will better support revenue collection and the management of expenditures, and will work to better manage and maintain financial and currency stability.

Production and Exports
The government will promote agricultural production during the wet season to better ensure food security and facilitate agricultural production for exports. Commodity pricing will be better managed, while the export of goods, natural resources, and minerals must be in accordance with regulations. 

The Meeting agreed to continue to implement measures to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19.

New Draft Laws
The government will complete draft laws to be proposed at the next National Assembly session.

International Affairs
The Cabinet resolved to continue closely monitoring international affairs amid a volatile global situation, as well as keeping abreast of regional issues, and to conduct in-depth analyses of the risks and trends affecting the country.

At the closing of the meeting, Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh called on all members of the government to take on more responsibility in their respective fields, as well as to improve management to be more disciplined and efficient.