Thais Caught Smuggling Petrol into Laos

Thais smuggle petrol into Laos
The Nong Khai customs boundary post.

Nong Khai Customs House has said that Thais have been caught attempting to smuggle fuel into Laos.

Bangkok Post reports that Thai citizens have made attempts to smuggle petrol across the border from Nong Khai into Vientiane Capital in order to profiteer from fuel sales.

As Laotians grapple with severe fuel shortages, many have begun making trips to neighboring Thailand in order to fill up their fuel tanks.

This has not gone unnoticed by the Thais, who have reported larger volumes of vehicles registered in Laos at petrol stations along the bypass from Vientiane to Nong Khai, Thailand.

Pakin Tiabkam, head of customs control at Nong Khai Customs House, said more than 2,000 Laotians are arriving in Nong Khai Province each day following the reopening of the Thai-Laos border checkpoint.

“Trucks were flagged down in three separate incidents last week. Each truck was found to be carrying 30-liter barrels of fuel totaling about 500-600 liters,” Pakin told Thai Post.

He said 30,000 foreigners crossed the Nong Khai border checkpoint from 9-31 May, and 28,000 Thais travelled to Laos.  He also noted that 5,500 cars with foreign licence plates entered the Kingdom and 1,700 cars from Thailand travelled to the neighbouring country.

The current retail price of petrol in Laos is approximately LAK 4750 (10 baht) more expensive than in Thailand.