Bolikhamxay Province Runs Out of Diesel Fuel

Paksan District in Bolikhamxay Province (Photo: Axel Drainville on Flikr)
Paksan District in Bolikhamxay Province (Photo: Axel Drainville on Flikr)

Petrol stations in Bolikhamxay Province have completely run out of diesel fuel, forcing many to close down for several days.

The District Department of Industry and Commerce reports that petrol stations in major districts in Bolikhamxay Province remained closed after sustaining insufficient fuel supplies for several days. 

Some petrol stations were unable to obtain diesel or other fuels from major fuel suppliers, while others reported being able to secure only very small amounts.

In Paksan District, only one petrol station remains open today after a lack of supply over the last few days.

Despite a slight downward adjustment to fuel prices, motorists in Laos continue to face long queues to access fuel across the country. 

Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh signed a Decision on 6 June appointing a special taskforce to address the country’s economic problems and try to resolve an ongoing fuel crisis.

The Taskforce will be responsible for instituting measures to ensure the uninterrupted flow of fuel into the country to meet demand, as well as ensuring fuel prices are determined in a timely manner and in accordance with global market fluctuation.