Foodpanda Unveils New Catering Feature


Foodpanda launched its latest feature on Thursday, “Foodpanda for business,” to help businesses and organizations improve their employees’ quality of work by rewarding them with various food and groceries from the Foodpanda application under the concept “A great way to reward your people.”

Rewarding employees with a variety of delicious food can increase work efficiency and employee participation in the organization, especially with the millennials.

According to research, 66% of employees who work in organizations with free food and beverages say that they were pleased to work in an organization like this, and 4 out of 10 employees are satisfied working in an organization with free food and beverages.

Therefore, with the launch of “Foodpanda for business,” many organizations and businesses in Laos will be able to provide these benefits to increase employee participation, work efficiency, and overall quality of work. 

“Foodpanda now has grown to be a part of Laotian lives in many areas, providing them with the convenience of getting their meals, household items, and other daily essentials delivered,” said Mrs. Thanyalat Chaleunsouk, Managing Director of Foodpanda.

“We see many of our working professionals customers who benefit from the convenience of not finding parking space when going out for lunch during heavy rains or hot sunny days,” she added.

Foodpanda for business targets corporate organizations that see the importance of employee satisfaction and enable those employees to use Foodpanda’s services conveniently and quickly with the daily allowance and discounts.

This new B2B service helps increase work efficiency, aids the management of expenses of the organization, and becomes a desirable benefit for prospective employees.

Foodpanda for business will meet the needs of the organization through three main strengths:

Easy to use – available on mobile and web and for individual or group orders: whether you order groceries during your break on the app or order a variety of food for your departmental lunch meeting on the website.

Variety of services – Foodpanda has two primary services: food delivery and groceries delivery through panda shops and Pandamart. 

Reduce paperwork and increase productivity: Foodpanda for business connects all usage records to the respective department that deals with employee benefits, so no more filling in allowance requests or reimbursement forms. 

Foodpanda for business offers prioritized VIP customer support services with a dedicated account manager catering to your specific needs.