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Floods and Landslides Devastate Xayaboury’s Saysathan District

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Floods and landslides due to recent heavy rains have damaged agricultural land and destroyed crops in Saysathan District, Xayaboury Province.

The Secretariat of the District Disaster Prevention and Control Committee reported that heavy rain caused flooding in Samakixay and Mixay Villages on 13 and 14 July.

Landslides covered the main road.

The district administration, as well as the District Governor, Mr. Sisamon Namvong, and Mr. Nouken Phanlak, Director of the Xayaboury Province Department of Labor and Social Welfare, monitored and collected information on the villages affected by the flooding and landslides in Saysathan.

Floodwaters damaged production areas and houses in Samakixay Village, causing damage totaling LAK 237,576,000. Meanwhile damages in Mixay village totaled LAK 12,920,000.

The province has not reported deaths or injuries caused by the floods and landslides in either of the two villages.

Authorities in Xayaboury Province have warned residents to keep a close eye on floods and landslides that occur in village areas.

Natural disasters including floods affected approximately 70,000 people in Laos in 2021, with 17 injured and 19 dead.


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