Illegal Loggers Invade Forestry Areas in Xayaboury


Xayaboury authorities discovered that illegal log pieces were collected and processed in Phaing district.

Images released on social media by Xayabouly Update show hundreds of trees in the forestry areas between the Ngime and Hia rivers that have apparently been illegally cut down.

Local media released a statement about the incident saying that district officials were involved in logging the timber.

Local media also states that the logged areas are surrounded by important rivers and streams, including Toung river, which generates electricity for nearby villages.

Authorities have yet to report further information about the culprits or the number of logs taken.

The Lao government recently issued new legislation in March authorizing the export of natural wood products.

However, regulations state that those who smuggle timber from unlawful sources may face criminal charges, as may exporters who give misleading information or fabricate paperwork regarding the legality of timber.

Although logging and exploitation of natural resources have been a means for economic growth in Laos in the past, experts say that the nation will suffer when such resources are depleted.