Laos Fights on Two Fronts as Dengue Strikes and Covid Returns to the Region

Covid-19 and dengue fever outbreaks in Laos(Photo:medicinasa).

During a peak in dengue fever, with more than 12,000 cases, Laos also faces a new wave of Covid-19 outbreak.

Laos recently reached the lowest rate of Covid-19 ever recorded since the start of the pandemic. However the Ministry of Health reports that there has now been a recent surge of cases across the country.

Laos recorded 2,556 cases of Covid-19 on 23 March, the highest number of cases during the pandemic, dropping down to less than 100 cases per day after Lao New Year.

Over the course of the Covid-19 outbreak in Laos, the country has seen 210,963 Covid-19 cases.

Meanwhile, some 444 cases of the mosquito-transmitted disease dengue were just reported across the country.

Vientiane Capital has recorded the highest number of dengue fever infections this year at 6,425. Luang Namtha Province saw 1,196 cases, Salavanh Province reported 960 cases, and 848 cases were recorded in Sekong.

Skills Café, a Vientiane Capital favorite for coffee and baked goods, announced a temporary closure of the café last week after employees became infected with dengue fever.

The café reopened recently as all infected employees recovered from dengue fever.

The Center of Information for Education and Health states that although there are no dengue vaccines or specific dengue treatments,  those who show symptoms of dengue fever need to seek medical attention, which can be crucial to preventing serious problems like dehydration.