Police Officer in Vietnam Steals Gold, Gives It Away


A uniformed police officer in central Vietnam allegedly robbed a gold shop, then threw the expensive stolen items into the street, saying they were “for the poor.”

VN Express reported yesterday that midday Sunday a man in uniform, armed with an AK rifle, threatened staff and shot display cases containing gold at Dong Ba Market. The suspect has been identified by the province’s police department as a prison officer named Ngo Van Quoc. 

Eyewitnesses have said that the man yelled “Gold for the poor!” as he spent about ten minutes throwing the gold items into the street. He then left the market to go to a park, where he called his family before eventually dropping the gun and surrendering to police. 

The passersby who rushed in to pick up the gold are being asked to return it. Police are also searching for individuals who were seen picking up the gold on security cameras.

High inflation rates are exacerbating the struggles of the poor worldwide, including in Vietnam and in Laos.