Thai Tour Bus Crash Kills Six in Savannakhet

Mukdahan rescue personnel saving passengers from the tour bus.

Thai and Lao nationals heading back from Vietnam were killed in a bus tour accident in Savannakhet Sunday evening.

Radio Thai Mukdahan reports that the tour bus collided with a truck in Atsaphangthong district, 80 kilometers from Savannakhet, at approximately 9:40 pm.

Two Laotians, a driver and a tour guide, were killed in the accident.  Three Thais also lost their lives, while seven passengers suffered serious injuries and 12 received minor injuries.

Governor of Mukdahan Province, Mr. Chaloemphon Mangkhang, called for immediate assistance, including facilitating transportation and sending the injured to Mukdahan Hospital.

Aftermath of a crash between a tour bus and a truck near Savannakhet Province
Aftermath of a crash between a tour bus and a truck near Savannakhet Province.

Another tour operator said after the incident that the truck was moving quickly when it hit some potholes, causing the driver to lose control of the carriage which then crashed into the tour bus.

The tour groups had left Thailand for three nights and four days, and were returning from Vietnam via Laos, bound for the Savannakhet-Mukdahan Friendship Bridge.

Mukdahan rescue personnel working under the Thai Consulate evacuated the Thai citizens involved in the accident (including fatalities) back to Thailand.