Bolikhamxay Police Establish Drug Testing Checkpoints

A police official allowing a vehicle to go after checking for drugs.

From this month to next year, police in Bolikhamxay Province will establish checkpoints on roads throughout the province to test motorists for drug use. 

A notice issued from the Police Headquarters of Bolikhamxay Province states that motorists entering the province will now be subjected to urine drug tests.

Bolikhamxay is now the second province to announce drug testing measures to monitor the use of illicit drugs among motorists.

Meanwhile, authorities have pledged to work harder to resolve social problems in Vientiane Capital, vowing to reduce traffic accidents, drug trafficking, and violent crime.

Mayor of Vientiane Capital, Mr. Athsaphangthong Siphandone, said during a recent government meeting that police, in coordination with relevant ministries, have worked hard over the past six months to educate communities about the risks of social ills and spread awareness in society regarding drug issues and violence.

Regarding drug trafficking and violent crime, Mayor Athsaphangthong said that public security officers have coordinated with district and village level authorities to target known offenders or those connected to convicted felons.