BabyTree leverages its maternity and child-focused ecosystem Commits to promoting ESG and sustainability Rated silver by HKSSA

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 8 August 2022 – China’s leading maternity and child-focused community platform, BabyTree Group (“BabyTree” or “The Group”, Stock Code: 01761.HK) was awarded ” Silver Award of Sustainable Development Category” by HKSSA – The remarkable advisory firm focusing on enterprises’ abilities of their sustainable development in late July, demonstrating its efforts in sustainability development is well-recognized by the investment community.

Regarding the Silver rating, Mr. Xu Chong, Executive Director and CFO of BabyTree Group, said: “We recently released our 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, practicing ESG concepts has become an important dimension to measure the long-term development of an enterprise, and the long-term value that it brings as it is valued by all enterprises.”

“The core value of the BabyTree platform is to help families dealing with maternity and infants pursue happiness. At the same time, we are committed to building a healthy and sustainable new business ecosystem with our partners and employees. BabyTree has been practicing its own value in the field of ESG to build a customer-centric system with ‘love’.”

“As the leading platform in the maternity and infant field, BabyTree has the determination and confidence to build a healthy and standardized maternity and infant service platform forging ahead together with our users, the industry and the society continuously situating itself on the service of families dealing with maternity and infants thereby contribute to overall social development.”

BabyTree is the largest and most active M&C community platform in terms of MAU (monthly active users) in China. The Group is dedicated to connecting and serving young families by building an online platform for expectant and young parents in China so that they can communicate with one another and get the best pregnancy advice. In 2021, BabyTree Parenting APP took the lead with comprehensive high-quality content and an active community atmosphere, further improving user experience and activity. Annual average MAU on the platform reached 22.787 million, as it now becomes the app with the highest coverage and the highest number of MAU among similar M&C platforms.

The Group has deepened and developed public welfare undertakings in the previous year and upgraded the “2+1+6” public welfare system. The Group has added vitality in terms of rural hygiene and education by attracting talent that can help with rural revitalization and boost industrial economic transformation. It is working to help the agriculture sector and boost sales thereby promoting industrial revitalization. At the same time, BabyTree promotes projects on woman’s right and children’s right aspects to push the development of social responsibility work.

For users, BabyTree is committed to connecting and serving young families, assisting them in building a nurturing and friendly society with “Products for Love, Pregnancy and Parenting “. With BabyTree Parenting app as the core within the traffic matrix, BabyTree provides one-stop products and services to fully meet four needs in prenatal and postnatal care, communication and friendship, healthy growth and optimal shopping of maternal and infant family.

Concerning partnerships in corporate governance, BabyTree’s ESG report pointed out the notion of “Care for Partners without Biased Operation” demonstrating that BabyTree has forged long-term and mutual-beneficial relationships with the upstream and downstream industries.

For employees, BabyTree follows the principle of “Employee Care, Happy Work” and adheres to a good corporate culture, building a sound platform for employee’ career development and establishing a comprehensive welfare system with great importance attached to the direction of employee’ career development.

In addition, BabyTree attracts external high-quality talents to join and encourages employees to give full play to their potential.

Concerning environmental governance, BabyTree actively advocates low-carbon environmental protection within the Group, encouraging electricity saving and green travel and actively promotes the construction of green offices, and pursues the four-purpose environmental protection principle of “reduce, reuse, recycle and replace” to minimize waste and make the most efficient use of resources.

In addition, Fosun Group is the major shareholder of BabyTree. Focusing on the three core needs of health, happiness and wealth, Fosun Group has built an industrial ecosystem that runs through the entire life cycle of a family. It owns high-end residences and maternity inspection hospitals, global industrial channels, genetic testing, film and television IP and many other scarce resources. BabyTree deeply cooperate with Fosun’s ecology and realize online and offline traffic complementarity, continuously delivering precise audiences for the brand. At the same time, the ecological combination of Fosun Group and BabyTree will also create files for users throughout the pregnancy cycle, thereby further providing high-quality maternity services to families with maternity and infants.

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