Heavy Rains to Continue Across Laos

Motorists in Vientiane commuting through rains this morning.

Following the recent heavy rains, parts of Laos will see even more rain and thunderstorms this week.

The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology issued a forecast today stating that rain will continue to fall in the northern parts of the country, with thunderstorms in some areas.

In the central provinces, including Vientiane Capital, the current situation will continue with more rain and strong wind. 70% rain coverage and temperatures ranging from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius are expected.

Southern provinces will likewise see heavy thunderstorms and rain.

Rain water filling the road on Rue Nokkeokoummane near Lao Cultural Hall this morning.

Yesterday and this morning rains flooded the main roads in Vientiane Capital.

Vientiane residents have reported being unable to exit or enter homes and some larger vehicles came to a halt in the middle of roads as waters rose too high.

Authorities have warned people across the country of the continuing risk for floods and natural disasters due to the rains.