Laos-China Railway passengers are confused by a poll on social media regarding the potential sale of standing tickets, however, the railway has now responded by adding more routes and declining to sell the unpopular standing tickets.

The railway has proposed standing tickets as a way to accommodate large volumes of passengers following the reopening of the country to tourism.

The suggestion was posted on the railway’s Facebook page at the end of last month, apparently testing the waters of public opinion prior to making a decision on standing tickets.

One railway passenger made a viral complaint post on social media, claiming that the railway sold a standing ticket for her nephew from Vientiane to Luang Prabang that was labeled as a child ticket.

A standing ticket sold by the Laos-China railway (Photo:Nanlany Namnouvong).

The passenger explained that the standing ticket was sold by the railway without the passenger’s consent because the route was full.

The Laos-China Railway Company ticket office at Vientiane Center told the Laotian Times that the railway currently only sells seated tickets, but that children require a child ticket or else must sit on a parent’s lap during travel.

The child ticket prices also depend on the age and height of the children.

Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh visited Luang Prabang via rail on Sunday and was welcomed at the station by the Governor of Luang Prabang, Mr. Khamkhan Chanthavysouk, and other provincial officials.

During his visit, the prime minister called on the railway company to upgrade its facilities and services, particularly the ticketing system, which should be more modern and convenient for passengers.

The Laos-China Railway Company admitted earlier this month that there are issues with the ticketing, management, and operations of the railway, which they aim to improve.