Nam Lik 1-2 Power Company to Release Water

Nam Lik-1-2 Power Company will release water from the dam.

Residents of Vientiane Province have been advised by the Ministry of Energy and Mines to prepare for changes in water levels tomorrow due to the release of water by the Nam Lik 1-2 Dam.

A notice issued by the Ministry of Energy and Mines states that residents in Feuang District are advised to move their possessions to higher ground as the Nam Lik 1-2 Company prepares to release water.

Campgrounds, bungalows and entertainment venues along Nam Lik River must close for visitors until further notice from the Ministry.

The Nam Lik 1-2 Power Company anticipates that the water will rise to the dam’s capacity of 300 meters.

Other dams in Laos have also recently released water as a result of wet weather, including a dam in Xayaboury.

Xayaburi Power Company announced that emergency preparations must be taken following the release of water from Nam Ou Dam.

Earlier last week, a hydropower project in Vietnam warned that it would release water from a dam into the basin at speeds of 100 to 150 cubic meters per second.