Officials in Sekong Province Warn of Vietnamese Dam Release

Xe Khong bridge in 2019.

The residents of Sekong have been advised to prepare for changes in water levels in the Xe Khong River due to the release of a dam in Vietnam from 8 to 11 August .

A notice issued from the Sekong Department of Natural Resources and Environment states that a hydropower project in Vietnam is to release water into the basin at speeds of 100 to 150 cubic meters per second.

The Xe Khong River’s water level was measured this morning at 2.14 meters, when it was anticipated to be between 5.50 and 6.50 meters.

Authorities in the province monitor the water levels and are preparing for the danger of water levels of 18.50 meters at their highest.

Meanwhile, a neighboring province, Salavanh, declared its readiness to evacuate residents in the province’s main districts if necessary.

In 2019, flooding in Salavanh Province inundated 75 of the 124 villages in the province.  Some 41 villages lost contact with authorities and were completely inaccessible due to flood damage.