Over 15,000 Cambodians Evacuate Following Fake Catastrophic Flood Prediction

Over 15,000 Cambodians gather at the politician's farm house.

A Cambodian politician’s prediction of a catastrophic flood prompted more than 15,000 panicked Cambodians to evacuate their homes and gather at a farmhouse south of Kulen mountain, Siem Reap province.

Khmer Times reports that Cambodian authorities have urged the dispersal of thousands of people—who left their homes after the flood was predicted on social media by Khem Veasna, president of the League for Democracy Party (LDP). Authorities are also  requesting that the party leader stop spreading misinformation.

The politician has predicted that the entire world will soon be hit by a catastrophic flood and that only his farm will be spared from the tragedy.

Deputy governor, Mr. Ly Somreth, expressed his concerns for the people shutting down their businesses and leaving their homes with family and children to join others at the farm house. He also expressed concern over the risk of a Covid-19 outbreak among the evacuees at the farmhouse.

Meanwhile, Cambodian workers in South Korea are also said to have begun packing their belongings in order to rejoin their families back home.

The Cambodian Ministry of Labor said in response to the politician’s flood prediction that the workers who are staying and working in South Korea should not indulge the superstitious propaganda of an individual.