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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Extreme Rains to Continue Into Next Month

This Week

Parts of Laos will continue to see heavy rains and thunderstorms from August through to September.

The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology issued a forecast yesterday stating that rain will continue to fall in the northern parts of the country, with thunderstorms in some areas likely continuing until the first weeks of next month.

In the central provinces, including Vientiane Capital, the current situation will continue with rain, strong winds, and temperatures ranging from 24 to 34 degrees Celsius expected.

Southern provinces will likewise see heavy thunderstorms and rain while the areas in and around the Bolaven Plateau will be cold in the evenings to mornings with heavy rain.

Tropical storm MA-ON brought more rains and natural disasters to Laos’ northern provinces, causing extensive damage to roads, homes, and farmland.

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