Deputy Prime Minister Visits Injured Cop After Suicide Bombing 

Gen. Vilay Lakhamfong, visited one of the injured police who was for treated at Hospital Military 103.

The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Security paid a visit to a police officer being treated at a local hospital in Vientiane to offer support.

Lao Security News reported that the Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Public Security, Gen. Vilay Lakhamfong, visited one of the injured police officers who was being treated at Hospital Military 103. He got wounded while trying to apprehend a drug dealer last week.

Four people including three police officers died in Viengkham District when a drug dealer detonated a bomb to escape arrest last Thursday. Four police officers were injured in the incident as well. 

Lieutenant General. Vanthong Kongmany, Deputy Minister of Public Security, also visited the hospital in Viengkham District to acknowledge the efforts of the three injured officers being treated there and honor the lives of those who unfortunately passed away on the line of duty.

The Deputy Minister representing the Ministry also presented a special first class medal to each comrade and promoted the four injured police officers.

Additionally, families of the three deceased police officers, will receive LAK 79 million and LAK 31 million will be provided as compensation for the injured police officers.

The government will continue to provide full assistance to the families of those who have died on duty or have been physically and mentally affected by the incident.

Further investigation is on the way to arrest more members of the drug network.