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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Top Digital Marketing Group in Asia, Acquires ‘Bizgital’ a Digital Marketing Company in Laos

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FSN ASIA, subsidiary of FSN (listed in KOSDAQ), has acquired ‘Bizgital’ (digital marketing company in Laos) and will expedite its expansion in Southeast Asia markets.

Bizgital provides overall digital marketing services including social media marketing, influencer marketing and operating news portal platforms. It is leading the digital marketing industry in Laos by capturing global companies as clients.

Bizgital management has diverse business experiences and technical knowledge. Based on their knowledge and experiences, Bizgital was able to grow fast and become the leading digital marketing company in Laos.

With the acquisition of Bizgital, FSN ASIA plans to expand its presence in Southeast Asia market even more. Laos is close to Thailand and two countries share many common aspects including culture and language as well. And many global companies that have regional offices in Thailand also expand its market to Laos.

As FSN ASIA also has YDM Thailand (leading digital marketing company in Thailand) as one of its subsidiaries, FSN ASIA plans to expedite expansion in Laos and Southeast Asia by maximizing cooperation and synergies between Bizgital and YDM Thailand.

Mr. Changhyun Cho, CEO of FSN ASIA, says “We are very excited and happy to have acquired Bizgital, which has been growing its business continuously despite unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic challenges.”

“FSN ASIA will be able to share its Ad-Tech solutions and business know-how with Bizgital and grow Bizgital business to become the new base of Southeast Asia market.”

FSN ASIA is in charge of global business in FSN group. FSN ASIA has been building networks in major countries in Asia including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and Indonesia.

The company provides one-stop cross border marketing services by utilizing its creative marketing and Ad-Tech base companies in FSN ASIA group. FSN ASIA has been selected as “Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in APAC in 2022” by MarTech (global magazine focusing on marketing technology).

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