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NannyStreet Launches New Mobile App To Simplify The Confinement Nanny Hiring Process For Parents

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 7 September 2022 – NannyStreet, a confinement nanny agency based in Singapore, has released its new mobile app.

Available on iOS and Android, the app is a mobile-friendly platform that will allow parents to match and hire confinement nannies directly through their mobile devices. It will be the first nanny marketplace in Singapore, simplifying the hiring process into three simple steps: Search, Interview and Pay Deposit.

Parents may search according to their preferences for a confinement nanny who will stay in or out or a babysitter who will look after the child over an extended period. The nanny will be matched based on the stated estimated due date, period of service, and other terms after considering all pertinent information. Parents may use the app text messages or video call function to directly communicate with nannies to negotiate job descriptions, compensation, and other special requests to ensure both parties are in agreement. Once an agreement and an offer have been made, the nanny’s deposit will be paid with a credit card by the parents.

Advantages Of NannyStreet’s App

NannyStreet offers the benefits of an agency where the deposit is secured under one platform. Parents will not undergo tedious administrative paperwork such as permit applications, social visit pass extensions, and confinement nanny insurance.

Parents will be able to have an easier time matching and hiring nanny services through the NannyStreet app due to a user-friendly interface connecting them to the nanny marketplace. In addition to confinement nannies, families can use the app to contract the services of transfer helpers in Singapore, or hire a part-time confinement nanny instead of living with stay-in confinement nannies. Additionally, parents can sign up for postnatal massage home services to help them relax during their confinement period or prenatal massages in Singapore to relieve them during the pregnancy stage.

The Current Confinement Nanny Market In Singapore

The confinement nanny market in Singapore has remained unchanged for an extended period, where parents have minimal engagement with their nanny candidates before their confinement period. This often leads to conflict between parties due to the lack of direct communication to discuss job descriptions, salary, and other unique requests to ensure both parties are on the same page.

Due to the circuit breaker measures implemented in 2020, the supply chain of confinement nannies was disrupted and caused a steep price hike, adding to the already high nanny cost. Even though the government has lifted all restrictions and reopened the border, the prices have not returned to pre-Covid levels. An increase in nanny fees led parents to hire freelance confinement nannies, who were not subject to any industry standards or regulations, resulting in situations such as nannies who did not turn up after receiving a client’s deposit.

This situation urged NannyStreet to develop Singapore’s first confinement nanny platform.

Ideation Behind Rebranding An Agency As A Confinement Nanny Platform

The idea came about when co-founder Mr Louis Looi’s wife delivered a newborn during the early days of Covid-19 when nanny prices soared due to the economy suffering from the pandemic. Through this, he understood how costly the rising nanny prices could negatively impact families. He tapped into his expansive nanny network and negotiated for a more competitive price. – it even led to new aim of revolutionising the entire confinement nanny industry by sharing his nanny network with parents, who would then be able to negotiate with multiple nannies for better prices and terms for themselves. Alongside his co-founder Mr Bradley Loi, the two was able to develop an application that combines the best features of the confinement nanny agency and freelance nanny.

Formerly known as Homey Confinement, NannyStreet was founded by Mr Bradley Loi and Mr Louis Looi over four years ago and has been in the confinement nanny agency business ever since.

An approved confinement nanny agency by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), NannyStreet provides an all-inclusive service by hiring nannies who have undergone a strict screening process and background check. Parents can hire nanny services such as babysitting, prenatal and postnatal massages, confinement nannies, and transfer maids through one single platform. Designed with parents in mind, the platform strives to support parents and ease the process in finding the ideal confinement nanny through a simple user interface.

For more information, please visit https://www.nannystreet.com/, and for more details on their confinement nanny services, please visit https://www.nannystreet.com/confinement-nanny-singapore/.

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