Ministry of Finance Refutes Corruption Allegations Against Civil Service Exams


A statement was issued by the Ministry of Finance last week to clarify corruption accusations made against civil service examinations conducted by the ministry this year.

A viral post on social media claimed that although some candidates completed the test in accordance with the exam’s requirements, their test results and interview scores were not released.

According to the claims, four candidates who scored well in the examination but failed their interviews in 2021 were invited to reappear for the interview without having passed the examination this year.

The social media post also claims that six candidates whose parents work in the government passed the test without attaining the required interview scores.

In their statement, the Ministry of Finance noted that four candidates appeared for the examination in accordance with the rules and standards of the ministry, while another six candidates also passed due to their merit, despite familial relationships with senior Party members.

The Ministry of Finance stated that the selection exam for the new civil service examination in 2022 was conducted by an appointed committee that strictly followed the regulations set by the ministry.

The ministry requested assistance in finding evidence regarding the accusation that USD 100,000 was offered to the committee to select specific candidates to pass the exam.