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Tropical Storm Noru Wreaks Havoc Across Southern Laos

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Typhoon Noru, which was downgraded to a tropical storm, made landfall in Southern Laos on Wednesday and caused flooding in several areas.

At least four southern provinces, including Salavanh, Sekong, Champasack, and Attapeu have been affected by flooding.

Heavy floods swept over the Champasack neighborhoods of Bajiang and Soukhoumma, causing the collapse of trees, killing animals, and injuring people’s cattle.

The after-effects of the tropical storm were substantially better in Khongsedone and Salavanh districts where children were allowed to play outside. The vicinity of the Emoun hydropower plant in Sekong suffered the most from flooding, and a bridge was damaged as well.

Lao National Radio reported that around 300 homes had been flooded in the Sanxay district in Attapeu province. At least 2,000 people evacuated their homes as they lived close to the river. So far, the flooding has destroyed fishponds and damaged irrigation systems, schools, power lines, healthcare facilities, and other infrastructure.

Ministry of National Defence had also mobilized 40,000 soldiers with vehicles and boats to assist with rescue and relief operations if necessary.

The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology recently issued red alert for three districts namely Wapii, Sanasomboun and Samakkheexay as they likely to expect very bad weather.

On Thursday morning Noru was further downgraded as a tropical depression as it made way from the Northeast to the Northwest of Thailand.

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