Open Financial System X Metaverse Pro Offers One-Stop Digital Asset Management Service

NEW YORK, US – Media OutReach – 3 October 2022 – X Metaverse Pro, with an aim to re-architect the core part of the financial system, has developed a viable financial management ecosystem, thereby promoting the experiment of decentralized governance. The mission of its native token, XMETA, is to become a DEFI 2.0 reserve currency.

The high-liquidity market created by X Metaverse Pro aims to solve the common problem of low utilization of digital assets and has advanced capabilities. The project is currently at an early stage with a low valuation. However, with the concerted efforts of community members, X Metaverse Pro aims to better correlate ecological growth with the accumulation of XMETA value, which will soon bring considerable value to investors’ value income, the developers claimed.

X Metaverse Pro is an innovative blockchain financial project that started in the USA. It is committed to creating an open asset management system to help users realize fast transactions of the virtual property safely, transparently, and efficiently, and list commodities, trade, pay and hand over virtual commodities, sign and fulfill contracts, governance, and voting. The ecology accommodates NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse assets and connects the virtual and real worlds. Within X Metaverse Pro ecosystem, anyone can digitize assets and identities anytime, anywhere.

The core of the project is the X Metaverse Pro wealth management ecosystem. It launched the XMETA asset management service for the first time and simultaneously launched the XMETA digital asset management platform, the X Metaverse Pro protocol, and the decentralized asset management platform. The goal is to help different types of assets. Asset managers, including individual and institutional investment managers, can manage their investment portfolios safely, quickly, and efficiently, achieving high returns, the developers maintained.

The XMETA digital asset management platform provides an assortment of investment portfolio and management tools and automates many operations through smart contracts. The process simplifies asset management and effectively reduces fixed costs. On the XMETA asset management platform, the performance of investment managers can be tracked, and the traceability feature makes it easier for capable investment managers to be discovered. In addition to asset managers, developers can also participate.

X Metaverse Pro protocol also occupies a pivotal position in the whole ecosystem. The protocol’s core is implemented by smart contracts, providing competent custody and decentralized asset management services for cryptocurrency assets. Investors can create, issue, manage and invest in on-chain fund products through the X Metaverse Pro protocol.

The idea of ​​XMETA’s decentralized asset management platform is to use DAO-governed asset management DEX to manage assets for users effectively. The platform creates a multi-signature wallet, which can flexibly add and delete multi-signature holders and change multi-signature conditions. At the same time, it supports a variety of APP modules to connect with the external ecology more quickly. Based on this prediction, the X Metaverse Pro decentralized asset management platform will be an asset management platform with both security and scalability.

X Metaverse Pro is a digital asset management ecosystem based on social trading. The real purpose of creating this project is to use traditional financial management methods such as hedge funds to manage digital assets, and the XMETA asset management business provides a complete platform level for this process.

X Metaverse Pro is a distributed asset management project in the metaverse field, and the X Metaverse Pro protocol is divided into two parts: core and module. The core is the primary transaction rules, which cannot be tampered with or changed. Modules allow users to participate in the design independently on a core basis. Due to the project’s independent nature, the platform can realize automatic updates, and there will not be too many technological obstacles.

According to the developers, the CEO of X Metaverse Pro has a unique background. He mentored Simons, who is regarded as an iconic figure in the American financial industry. The CEO of XMETA also has rich experience in traditional finance, encrypted finance, the Internet, and other financial fields, which will significantly help the future development of this project.

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X Metaverse Pro draws a blueprint for future asset management with a clear main line.

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