Laos, Georgia Issue Visa Exemptions for Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders


The governments of Laos and Georgia have issued visa exemptions for their diplomats and official/service passport holders.

Ambassador of Laos, Ms. Vyngsavan Tsipraseut, and Ambassador of Georgia, Mr. Nikoloz Abkhazava,  signed an agreement at the Embassy of Georgia in Kuala Lumpur regarding Visa Exemptions for people having diplomatic, service, or official passports.

The agreement was signed on May 31 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and has been effective since the start of October.

Lao News Agency reports that the agreement states that citizens of both countries who hold diplomatic and official passports with at least six months of validity can enter and exit the territory of the other party without a visa.

Within the agreement, passport holders may enter without a visa for 90 days, and their next visit has to be planned after a gap of 180 days.

This pertains only to holders of diplomatic and official passports that have been used for at least six months by those appointed to work at diplomatic representative offices. The family members of consular representative officers and international organization workers need to apply for the visa while traveling to the other territory for the first time and obtain the necessary approvals within 30 days from the date of entry.