Vientiane’s Chanthabouly District Police Double Down on Crimes


In the first six months of the year, Vientiane Capital’s police have cracked down on numerous crimes being committed in the district and were able to solve many of them.

Vientiane’s Chanthabouly District Police Command has reportedly solved 246 out of 315 cases it registered up until now. They were able to detain 331 suspects and arrest 77 people, of which 54 are said to be involved in 91 drug-related cases.

Furthermore, while 129 suspects were put in detention, 23 were charged and arrested for their connection to 224 economic crimes.

Police in Vientiane’s Xaythany District also solved over 30 crimes and arrested 74 suspects, including four women. Eleven of these cases were drug-related where at least 22 people with one woman were apprehended.

According to the Deputy Director of Public Security of Chanthabouly District, Lieutenant Colonel Phonechai Phamongkhoun, most criminal cases happening in the capital are associated with fraud, theft, and drugs.

Police in Vientiane are also alerting the public about the frequency of property and vehicle theft, which occurs virtually every day in the city.

Officials stated that because Vientiane is a large city undergoing rapid socioeconomic growth, it is hard to eliminate crime. Police can arrest a large number of offenders, but once they are imprisoned, there will always be more to take their place, they claim.

The public should take better care of themselves since today’s criminals are different from those in the past, according to officials. They have new means and technology to assist them in committing crimes, and it is up to the general population to be vigilant at all times.