Lao Airlines Warns People of a Fake Website that Steals Personal Information

Lao Airlines

Lao Airlines has cautioned its customers of a fraudulent website that claims to offer prizes to respondents of a personal information survey.

The announcement issued by Lao Airlines on social media states that a scam link was received by many people which asked them to fill up a questionnaire with their personal information so that they are eligible to win prizes. Lao Airlines has warned people that filling up the link may lead to their personal or financial information being stolen.

The link claims that those who respond will receive LAK 20,000,000 (USD 1,164) and they need to share the link with 20 friends in order to get the prize money.

According to the announcement, social media users were concerned about their personal information being jeopardized after they filled the questionnaires. The link has since been disabled.

Lao Airlines has asked its customers to report any suspicious activity to the number 1626 or WhatsApp +855 20 55 555 626.