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Revitalized Lao Airlines Magazine Celebrates One Year Anniversary

13 July – RDK Group, a Vientiane-based translation and marketing consulting firm, together with Lao Airlines, has recently hosted a one-year anniversary event celebrating a successful year-long print run of the latest iteration of Champa Meuanglao, the latter’s official inflight magazine at Kualao Restaurant.

Present at

Commanding the sky

Standing on the baking hot tarmac at Vientiane’s international airport on a May afternoon, Soudaphone Visounnarath doesn’t quite know what to do with her arms. She’s a bit embarrassed to don the pilot’s cap she rarely wears, and is a tad uncomfortable in her full uniform outside on such a …

Seven things you didn’t know about Lao Airlines flight attendants

The jet-setting lifestyle of a flight attendant has long been viewed as a glamorous and glitzy affair, and one which continues to fascinate us. We’ve all experienced that little hush that befalls the airport crowd each time the stewards and stewardesses saunter purposefully by, captains in tow. And the rest …

Calculating our safety

Most young people, when they dream of working for an airline, imagine themselves airborne.

Whether as a pilot or among the cabin crew, airline work usually involves flying, right?

Not for Sisavath Southammavong (centre), who spends his days in an office poring over complicated mathematical formulas, all related to the …