METASENS’ Utility Feature Creates New Ways for Web3 Projects Collaborations

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 26 October 2022 – METASENS, the Web3 gaming platform, has introduced the Utility feature, which provides NFT projects with various ways to boost utilities. METASENS now supports Web3 projects in one-stop NFT publishing, Web2 games blockchain reform services, NFT breeding, and more. This marks the beginning of a new era in Web3 marketing.

(METASENS the Web3 gaming platform has launched the Utility feature)image download: METASENS - achieve multi-IPs, cross-chain, and more in the Web3 game world.png

(METASENS the Web3 gaming platform has launched the Utility feature)

The Web3 gaming platform METASENS, led by Hong Kong-listed Imperium Technology Group, has a vision to build an ecosystem for Web3 games. Within one year, METASENS has launched a game-specific NFT market, offering NFTs with customized background music, special fields for checking game character abilities, and remaining time for breeding.

METASENS’ latest Utility feature helps the blockchain game PetaRush establish cross-brand collaborations with Asian blue-chip NFT projects PhantaBear and Demi-Human NFT. Owners of the two NFT projects can contact Utility to claim a 3D version of NFT for use in the game. This provides a good ecological foundation for multi-IPs Web3 marketing in one fell swoop. Currently, 10,000 PhantaBear NFTs and 3,344 Demi-Holim NFTs can be claimed as 3D versions at METASENS Utility. It automatically authenticates the holder’s NFT assets and issues them for the corresponding NFT.

METASENS Utility also provides a cross-chain service so that NFTs from different blockchains can authenticate each other to complete utilities. For example, NFTs held on the Ethereum blockchain can go through certification on Utility and benefit from discounts or other activities directly on the BNB chain. The entire process can be completed on a single METASENS website.

To further integrate asset circulation in Web3 games, METASENS also provides an automatic in-game asset exchange feature so that players who own in-game NFTs can automatically receive rewards via airdrops. Players just need to log into the game as usual and can receive the rewards automatically without any cumbersome processes. Game publishers can set different rewards for holders according to the needs of marketing activities; the long-term plan to strengthen NFT utilities can be easily implemented.

Collaboration on the NFT project has so far been mostly limited to a joint announcement. NFT holders do not feel the benefits or advantages. When projects seek deeper collaboration, they usually rely on acquisitions or use expensive technology to achieve it. Yuga Labs, for example, had to collaborate with the two main NFT IPs, CryptoPunks and Boring Ape, through expensive acquisitions.

METASENS is leading the way in creating a convenient and friendly platform for cross-IP or cross-brand collaboration. Brands or game publishers can conduct various deep collaborations and marketing activities through METASENS Utility.

Charles Gong, director of METASENS, said METASENS provides a platform for collaboration between Web3 projects, blockchains, NFTs, and gaming assets. METASENS has facilitated the development of collaborations in the Web3 era. It also allows players to participate in the Web3 game in a very intuitive way.

Vincent Chen, vice president of METASENS, said blockchain is the trend in the gaming industry. With METASENS’ ecological services, any gaming company interested in Web3 can use the most efficient way to develop a new business model to create a new brand value in the blue ocean of Web3 games before anyone else.


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METASENS is a Web3 gaming platform funded by Hong Kong-listed Imperium Technology Group. It owns a Web3 gaming platform, an NFT marketplace, and a variety of blockchain games, with the governance token MSU along with the game token to build a sustainable token-economic ecosystem. METASENS team also provides technical support and guidance for blockchain game development and promotion. METASENS aims to provide an open GameFi platform and build a Universal Amusement Park for players worldwide.