Lao Embassy in Hungary to Start Operations in November

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a notice in October informing that a new Lao embassy will be opened in Budapest in November.

The information was issued to Laos foreign missions in October, to notify them of the new embassy in Hungary which will begin operations this month.

A notice stated that the decision was made due to a good relationship maintained between Laos and Hungary, as well as their bilateral strategic operations in 2019 which has greatly strengthened the bond between the two countries.

Under the guidelines issued by the ministry on 28 September, the Lao Embassy of Austria will be overseeing operations in Austria, Croatia, Georgia, Slovenia, and Slovakia, including international organizations associated with the United Nations.

Lao Embassy of Hungary, on the other hand, will be in charge of Hungary, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Hungary is a very popular educational destination as it provides 100 scholarships to Lao students every year to study at universities across the country in their desired fields. The opening of a Lao embassy in Hungary will also aid in the stay of young scholars who might be stepping away from their home country for the very first time.

Laos currently has embassies in 27 countries and Hungary will be the 28th country in the list.