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Easy Buy – A Quick Look at SocialFi’s Emerging Unicorns

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 18 November 2022 – After years of design and development, SocialFi’s blockchain protocol e-commerce platform Easy Buy is finally ready to be officially launched. Create an online digital economic ecological agreement and an encrypted asset value investment portal. The blockchain protocol independently developed by Easy Buy creates more practical functions for APP applications, such as realizing safe and efficient clearing and payment systems, supply chain logistics, SocialFi, product traceability, The construction of automatic execution of smart contracts, etc.

Easy Buy was established in Singapore. It is an emerging WEB3.0 streaming media e-commerce aggregation platform. Storage + Ecological Supply Chain”.

In Easy Buy’s extensive application ecology, the SocialFi sector is a very important ecology. The Easy Buy community takes the decentralization of values ​​as the core of the community as the main ideology of the community, and will be committed to “decentralization” and autonomy. Ways to build a diversified DAO community. All benefits of a community are shared by community members. Based on WEB3.0, Easy Buy will realize the combination of cultural creativity and financial world, and will generate huge value, and will also lead human beings into various virtual world civilizations.

Easy Buy—SocialFi plate application

Easy Buy is a high-performance chain group that can realize the interoperability of EVM multi-chain contracts. The Web3.0 aggregation platform Easy Buy will serve all entrepreneurs, consumers and merchants who want to explore the blockchain world in the future. About Easy Buy The future development of the SocialFi sector is as follows:

1. Social To Earn (connection monetization), core function realization subject:
Easy Buy–promote sharing–get rewards–precipitate traffic—users complete corresponding tasks—Social To Earn

2. Chat function (add friends, transfer money, send red envelopes)
Easy Buy user registration — form your own unique NFT “business card” — scan online or enter your account number to add friends — send messages — send digital asset red envelopes — open multi-chain bridge — support multiple The digital assets on the public chain are traded/transferred/entered into the wallet in Easy Buy

3. Encrypted chat, burn after reading
Easy Buy users can set the encrypted chat mode—-Easy Buy smart contract is automatically executed—package the chat data into blocks—the user chooses the package data—generate the secret key—give it to the user

Easy Buy users adopt the seamless chat mode — Automatic execution of Easy Buy smart contracts — Data are automatically packaged into blocks — Generate execution commands — Users choose to execute smart contracts — Data into the black hole address — –Burn after reading.

Easy Buy is committed to providing users with a more open and rich social experience, advocating the realization of social value, matching users who are compatible with each other through precise algorithms, and encouraging users to break the boundaries of the real world, through “discovery”, “roaming” ” and other functions to become friends with people all over the world.

Easy Buy’s social value based on the underlying structure of SocialFi is the natural soil for the concept of blockchain decentralized autonomy. After several months of trying to use blockchain technology to solve privacy data security, community incentives and other issues, Easy Buy’s user privacy Safety, community activity and atmosphere have been significantly improved and optimized. Embrace the use of blockchain technology to reconstruct the next-generation decentralized value social network platform, so that data privacy and security, and the value of digital assets can return to individuals.

Hashtag: #EasyBuy

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