Rescued Tiger Cubs Get New Names at Wildlife Center in Thailand

Two of the tiger cubs being fed at the wildlife clinic in Thailand.

The four Tiger cubs that were smuggled from Laos, have been receiving care at a wildlife clinic in Ubon Ratchathani. They have been named after provinces in Laos and Thailand.

The cubs are lively, healthy, and well-cared for said a veterinarian at the clinic. They eat regularly and keep a normal body temperature. The cubs are fed with KM milk powder every 2-3 hours.

The vets put the tigers in a wide room, providing them with enough space to play around. They informed that the cubs do not appear aggressive because their mother trained them well. The cubs even played with the vets as they grew familiar with their new surroundings.

After some recent backlash from social media regarding names previously given to the cubs, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has come up with new names for them.

The first female cub was named Moukda after Thailand’s Moukdahan province, and the second female cub was named Savanh after Savannakhet. The name of the first male cub is now “Khamdan,” and the other is called “Khamkong”. These names refer to the cubs’ journey from Laos to Thailand.

The cubs will have to remain in the wildlife clinic for two months until they grow their fangs and are strong enough to consume meat. After that, the clinic will send them to Chulalongkorn Wildlife Breeding Station in Sisaket province.

Last week the baby tigers, who were trafficked from Laos, were rescued from a Thai couple who were trying to sell them.