Motorcyclist Robbed by Elderly Man in Vientiane

Photo credit: Freepik

A victim who was robbed by an elderly man posted about his encounter yesterday, warning others to take greater care when offering assistance to strangers.

Social media user Alen Phouthasone posted about his experience on his Facebook account on Tuesday, describing an unfortunate incident that occurred as he was traveling home by motorcycle in Vientiane’s Xaythany district.

According to Alan’s story, he passed by an elderly man who appeared to require assistance.

But despite his good intentions, Alan was taken by surprise as the elderly man threw stones at him and threatened him with a handgun.

“I admit that was being reckless because I was in a part of the street where there was no light (so people couldn’t see him), but I just wanted to help him because the road was quite long,” Alan notes in his social media post.

Held up at gunpoint, Alan had no choice but to hand over all the cash he was carrying, as well as his debit card and other personal items.

“I would like to warn all of you to be careful and not end up like me.”

Residents in Laos had recently taken to social media to voice their concern over the increasing robberies and gun violence in the country, especially in Vientiane Capital.