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OEC platform, the crypto asset financial service platform upgrades its system

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NEW YORK, US – Media OutReach – 28 November 2022 – Recently, the crypto asset financial service platform OEC has completed the system upgrade, and its business development has gradually expanded from Europe and America to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan and other Asian countries, aiming at providing convenient transaction services for crypto users all over the world.

It is reported that OEC platform has created a unified trading account and trading system, and ensured the security of users’ assets and accounts through multi-terminal coverage trading freedom and multiple security verifications. The platform has obtained the trading license issued by the US Money Services Business(MSB Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau of the US Treasury).

This system upgrade OEC introduced C-SAVING and sign-in reward. Users can get the estimated daily income up to 0.8% of the subscription amount in C-SAVING, and complete the daily check-in task to receive the corresponding reward.

According to its official instructions, C-SAVING launched by OEC is a product to help users with idle digital assets connect with platforms, with the features of deposit and withdrawal and daily interest. After the user’s digital assets are deposited in C-SAVING, the system will distribute interest on a daily basis according to the utilization rate and profit of business funds such as perpetual contracts and delivery contracts. Relying on OEC’s strict risk control system, C-SAVING fully guarantees users’ transaction security, and at the same time brings more financial benefits to platform users, helping the benign and healthy development of crypto assets.

In terms of security, the founding team of OEC Exchange has been studying financial and high-tech fields for many years, with global strategic operation capability and rich experience in financial risk control and management. Multiple underlying security technologies and internal supervision and early warning system have greatly improved the security of crypto digital currency trading environment.

OEC Exchange attaches importance to cooperation with top international security risk control teams and technical teams, and has more than 100 security and risk measures in total. Through strict standards and multiple risk control system services, OEC Exchange provides professional, safe and stable digital asset transactions to the world. The system adopts a distributed architecture, and adopts a three-layer protection system for security. The whole process of Web front WAF, database firewall and stored data crypto ensures the system security, and it has 7x24h intelligent monitoring and situational awareness, real-time vulnerability scanning, asset abnormal alarm and intelligent closure, and provides emergency response and risk assessment at all times. In addition, OEC Exchange, in conjunction with third parties, also provides security protection such as DDoS defense, anti-traffic cleaning, anti-CC, penetration and intrusion prevention, and OEC will continue to upgrade its security.

For user experience, OEC’s financial market director said: “As the crypto market matures and more institutional and professional investors enter, OEC wants to ensure that these users have the best tools they need to make investments.” OEC has entered into cooperation with a number of third-party payment companies, such as MOON PAY, RAMP, MERCURYO, TRANSAK, ALCHEMY PAY and COINIFY, to provide the option of purchasing cryptocurrencies through multiple channels, so as to make users’ transactions faster and more convenient. OEC Exchange combines the characteristics of digital assets and traditional finance, and from the perspective of user experience and asset security, establishes a one-stop financial integrated service system, which guarantees the ultimate experience of users at the operational level.

Official Website: https://www.oecexcoin.com/

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