Thai Actor Visits Poorly-Funded Hospital in Laos to Provide Support

Thai actor Tono at Khamouane Hospital this week (Photo: moonoo_29)

Actor and singer Phakin “Tono” Khamwilaisak, who swam across the Mekong River from Thailand to Laos to raise funds for charity in October, was back in the country this week to discuss how the donation could be put to use.

The Thai actor visited Khammouane Hospital to understand how the donation could best support their current requirement for medical equipment.

Khammoune Hospital doctors and medical staff informed the actor that they require 25 pieces of medical equipment primarily ultrasound and X-ray machines.

Tono stated that he was happy to meet with the medical staff in Khammouane and thanked people for their donations and support. He will be visiting Nakhon Phanom Hospital in Thailand on Tuesday to discuss their medical needs as well.

In August, the actor announced that he had started preparing to swim 15 kilometers from Thailand’s northeastern Nakhon Phanom province to the central Lao province of Khammouane.

He ended up raising TBH 40 million (USD 1,049,868) for the two hospitals in Laos and Thailand.

Tono has said in an interview that although raising funds for doctors, nurses, and hospitals is an important motivator for his journey, he is primarily moved by a desire to help draw attention to the state of some public hospitals in the two countries.