Govt. Repairs Streetlights Across Vientiane Capital

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Electricite du Laos fixed numerous streetlights in Vientiane Capital last week, to celebrate the 47th Lao National Day and the 102nd birth anniversary of Laos’ former president, Mr. Kaysone Phomvihane.

After a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Lao Electricity board and the company executing the project, repair work started on 21 avenues in Vientiane Capital in August and is ongoing at the moment.

The streetlights that have already been repaired include Lanexang avenue, Luang Prabang avenue, Suphanouvong avenue, Setthathirath road, Samsenthai road, Kaisone Phomvihane avenue, Thaduea road, Rue 23 August, Nongbone road, Mahosot to Huakhua road, Chaofa Ngum road, Kamphengmeuang road, Dongpalane road, Dongpaina road, Khouvieng road, P3 road, Khoun Boulom road, the Laos-Thai friendship road, Khoum Vat Chan road and ASEAN road.

Electricite du Laos’s Vientiane branch is also planning to finish repairing the other 12 avenues’ streetlights within the capital shortly.

According to Vientiane Mai, the purpose of this project is not only to repair the broken streetlights but to also provide adequate light on the road to facilitate safe commutes for residents.