Three Killed, Four Injured in Second Rail Bombing in Thailand

Damaged goods trains from the latest explosion | photo credit:

Thailand’s Songkhla province has seen another rail bombing today, which took place in the same area where a bomb went off on Saturday.

The new explosion has killed three men and injured four, all of whom were part of a maintenance unit that had been assigned to repair the railway and retrieve the derailed goods trains after the first blast on Saturday.

The identities of the casualties have been revealed as Yingsak Chumtree, Phumphan Phetsuka, and Nawarit Suwanchatree from the State Railway of Thailand’s branch in the Hat Yai district. The injured were Noppadol Panma, Deeden Khongsom, Chatchai Nitchalanoont, and Theerapong Nukhong.

According to Thairath Online, the residents nearby informed the police that they heard an extremely loud explosion sound at 6 am, just like the previous explosion three days ago.

It is still under investigation whether the bomb was previously planted but exploded during maintenance or it was planted recently, the Thai post reported.

Thai authorities have also barricaded the incident scene to prevent residents from entering as they investigate for more clues. The police suspect that whoever planted the explosive just wanted to cause unnecessary chaos in the area.

The railway line had been undergoing maintenance ever since the first explosion took place, causing a goods train to derail, and damaging eleven out of its twenty wagons. The second explosion happened in the same spot again on Tuesday.

The authorities have sent the injured to the local hospital for treatment and will also be sending the bodies of the deceased workers for an autopsy.