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Happy Rainy Days Launches Revolutionary 4-in-1 Umbrella Series

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SINGAPORE Media OutReach – 12 December 2022 – Known for its best in class quality and reliability, Happy Rainy Days has redefined conventional folding umbrellas with its ground-breaking design, combining its lightness, exquisiteness, automatic feature, and extra-large umbrella panel.


Combines Functionality and Handiness Into One Umbrella

To provide consumers with the best experience in dreary weather, Happy Rainy Days takes pride in the exceptional quality of its goods and actively seeks innovation in umbrella manufacturing techniques. The HR002 series has elevated the convenience of automatic folding umbrellas by using hand-selected light umbrella ribs and ultra-thin umbrella fabric.

Not only does this 4-in-1 umbrella weigh less than 250g, but it is also incredibly portable in a 6-rib structure, with a folded diameter of just 3.5 cm like a smartphone..

Revolutionary Compact Umbrella Design

Umbrellas shield people from the rain, but the current design is far from perfect.

To ensure constant dryness, Happy Rainy Days goes above and beyond regular design. With a 97cm ultra-large canopy, the umbrella is impressively wide enough to cover up to 2 adults. Plus its highly water-repellent fabrics and automatic feature, the umbrella repels water so effectively that one push of a button is all it takes to dry. At its core, the umbrella frame architecture is made with a carbon fiber which can withstand hurricane force winds while being both durable and light.

Company Profile

Happy Rainy Days is managed by Castle Time Company PTE Ltd. All umbrellas are tested in SGS for non-toxic substances, UV cut level, and water repellant testing, to ensure the safety and reliability before launching to the market.

Over the past 30 years, Happy Rainy Days has been selling over 10 million umbrellas and over 1 million light and water repellent UV cut umbrellas in the world.

It can now be ordered via Shopee.

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