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Police Crackdown on Almost 5,000 Drug Cases in 11 Months

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Lao authorities revealed in a meeting on Thursday at the National Assembly of Laos that local police have succeeded in solving 4,407 drug cases until November this year.

During the meeting, General Vilay Lakhamfong, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of National Defense, stated that the police had apprehended 6,873 criminals, including 135 foreigners and 11 women, all of whom were involved in narcotics-related crimes in the country.

General Vilay disclosed that the authorities have also confiscated 13.9 million amphetamine pills and 13,996 kg of amphetamine powder, as well as 175 kg of heroin, 10,284 kg of marijuana, 2,199 kg of methamphetamine ice, 250.36 kg of opium, and 1,930 kg of ketamine. Other liquid drugs were seized as well.

He stated that the seizure also included 162 autos, 734 motorcycles, and one boat.

The general then discussed the statistics on drug addicts being treated at 13 health rehabilitation centers. There were 3,802 receiving treatment at the moment and 106 of them were women. So far, just 1,222 people, including 32 women, had received permission to return home.

Thai customs officials also apprehended a Thai truck driver heading to the country from Laos last month after discovering a huge amount of drugs hidden inside the truck’s fuel tank. Many believed that a cosmetic CEO was behind the drug trafficking until she came out to deny it.

Since last year, drug dealers have been coming up with various tricks to avoid police detection. They go so far as to use minors and pregnant women to carry drugs as they are not obvious suspects to law enforcement officials.

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