Traffic Police to Enforce Strict Measures During New Year Period

Traffic in Laos (photo:

Lao Security Facebook Page released a video on Monday, featuring the Head of the Traffic Police Department, General Police Department, and Ministry of Security, Colonel Kongsy Souvannatoum informing people that strict traffic measures will be in effect during the New Year period.

According to Colonel Kongsy, the traffic police would be particularly strict during the New Year celebrations, and numerous checkpoints will be set up along the road to check any suspected individual for drunk driving and also look out for people driving without licenses.

“We are going to check if a driver has all the necessary documents, such as the driving license, technical inspection certificate, car registration, and proof of insurance,” he said.

“As for those who drive under the influence of alcohol, they will face serious legal charges. They could be banned from driving as well,” Colonel Kongsy added in the video.

It is also mandatory for car drivers and passengers to wear seat belts while motorcycle riders and pillion passengers must wear a helmet at all times while traveling in their vehicles, said a recent notice.

In the video, Colonel Kongsy informed that speeding has been the major cause of accidents in Laos for a long time. Therefore, those who drive above the speed limit would face serious charges as well.

According to Lao Youth Radio, the maximum speed should not be higher than 120 kmph, and the lowest speed should not be lower than 80 kmph (police officers would be monitor the speed through CCTV).

Apart from warning people against breaking traffic laws, the Colonel urged residents to think about how one’s carelessness could cause huge damage to their lives and the lives of others.

In 2021, over 800 people died in Laos in more than 5000 road accidents, mostly caused due to drunk or reckless driving.