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Friday, July 12, 2024

Covid Insurance Now Mandatory for Foreign Workers in Laos

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A new regulation issued by the Ministry of Public Security sees all foreign workers entering Laos required to purchase Covid-19 insurance.

A notice issued by the Ministry of Public Security on 15 December 2022 outlines the regulations on health insurance for foreign labor, which have been approved by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Finance.

According to the notice, a previous trial insurance program has been replaced with a permanent program that requires all foreign labor to purchase Covid-19 insurance valued at LAK 500,000 (approximately USD 30).

The security ministry is to coordinate with Thavisub Insurance to facilitate the sale of the insurance at border checkpoints across the country.

Some foreigners residing in Laos under B2 labor visas have already been required to pay for the insurance.

“I was asked to kindly go upstairs and purchase this insurance before I could be stamped back into the country,” said one expatriate returning to Laos via the Friendship Bridge from a trip to Thailand.

Immigration personnel have been directed to check insurance documents in detail before foreign workers enter or exit the country, according to a source with knowledge of the new regulations.

Early reports suggest that foreign workers carrying local insurance covering accident and illness will not be liable for purchasing the Covid insurance.

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