Students Set School on Fire Following E-Cigarette Confiscation

The teenagers who set the school on fire (photo: allinlaos)

Local police said on Tuesday that they had arrested three students for setting fire to their school in Savannakhet’s Kaysone Phomvihane city last month.

According to police, a secondary school in Kayson Phomvihane was engulfed in flames mid-December 2022, causing approximately LAK 786 million (about USD 45672.34) in damage.

Following an investigation, the police discovered that the incident was caused by minors who intentionally set fire to their school. They discovered signs of forced entry into the school buildings before tracking down and arresting the perpetrators.

Mr. Xaiykham or Kai, Mr. Bee, and Mr. Humnoy, all of whom were residents of Kaysone Phomvihane City and students of the now incinerated school, were later apprehended by the police. They were reported to be between 16-17 years of age.

During the interrogation, the students admitted to climbing over the fence into the school and breaking into the teacher’s office who confiscated 11 e-Cigarettes from them during class. After that, they broke into the vice principal’s office, poured hand-washing gel on the vice principal’s desk before setting the fire on it.

Mr. Kai also stated that he committed the crime in retaliation for the teacher summoning him to the office numerous times to educate him on his bad behavior, smoking e-cigarettes, and drug addiction.

No deaths or injuries were reported in the incident.