Cold Wave From China to Blanket Laos This Week

Cold Wave From China to Blanket Laos This Week
Woman with two baskets, walking across the footpath in a foggy weather (photo: SlowPathsImages)

As a cold wave from China approaches, the Meteorology and Hydrology Department predicts that Laos will continue to endure frigid weather for the remainder of the week.

Meteorologists say the high-pressure system that is now dominating Laos is weakening, bringing warmer weather to the country’s central and southern regions. Nonetheless, the country is still experiencing chilly temperatures and dense fog in the morning and at night, particularly in the north.

However, from Wednesday to Sunday, the cold wave from China will strengthen, spreading across all parts of Laos, accompanied by a northeasterly wind blowing with moderate force.

The cold mass air will result in the country experiencing even freezer weather, with the temperature reaching as low as 5-7 degrees.

Northern Laos, particularly the Xaysomboun and Bolaven plateaus, will experience chilly to severely cold weather, strong wind, dense fog in the morning, and light rain in certain regions.

Extreme cold weather will also hit Laos’ northeast and northwest regions. While temperatures in the east may drop to 5-7 degrees, they may rise to 17-19 degrees. The region will subject to dense fog in the morning and strong wind in some areas.

The northwest will also have dense fog and wind in the morning. The temperature will range from 7 to 10 degrees. The warmest temperatures could reach 29-31 degrees.

Temperatures in the central part of Laos will range between 10 and 16 degrees but can reach 30-32 degrees throughout the day. Some areas are also expected to experience light fog and heavy winds.

The south of Laos will have slightly warmer weather than the north. The lowest temperature will hover around 13-16 degrees while the highest will range between 30-32 degrees. Residents living in this region can expect some light fog and gusty winds in the morning.

Vientiane Capital will see the warmest weather in the country. The temperature may drop to 14-17 degrees at night and rise to 29-32 degrees during the day, with only light fog in some parts of the city.