Man Falls to His Death from Notorious Phou Kao Lak Mountain

Luang Prabang Emergency Rescue spent about six hours to recue the body.

A man was reported dead after falling from Phou Kao Lak in Kasi District, Vientiane Province on Saturday.

Luang Prabang Emergency Rescue reports that a 55-year-old man fell from the mountain on Friday.

The man was driving a bus with at least three passengers from Kasi District to Oudomxay Province. When the bus arrived at Phou Kao Lak viewpoint, the bus struggled to ascend the mountain.

The man exited the bus to rest at the viewpoint before falling off the mountain from a depth of over 300 meters.

Mr. Sousakone Soupinthone, a volunteer from Luang Prabang Emergency Rescue, told the Laotian Times that the man received severe injuries on his head and arms.

“It was extremely difficult to recover the body,” he said. “We went there with little more than some ropes and no safety equipment. It took six hours to recover the body,” said Sousakone.

“Before the incident, the man told his passengers that he was going to sit and rest near the viewpoint. When he did not return quickly, it was discovered that he had fallen off the mountain.”


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Motorists have been reporting the dangers and bad condition of the roads, as seen in the video above, on Phou Kao Lak due to the mountain’s dangerous curves and steep drop-offs. Authorities also discussed plans to construct a rescue facility on Phou Kao Lak Mountain in Vientiane Province, but so far no update has been provided.