Most Followed Lao Celebrities on Instagram in 2023

Most Followed Lao Celebrities on Instagram 2023.

Despite the fact that Facebook and Tiktok are among the most popular platforms in Laos, Instagram is where Lao celebrities promote themselves.

According to marketing agency, RDK Group, the following are the most followed Instagram celebrities in Laos as of January 2023:

christina.las: 125k followers

Christina Lasasimma, who was born in Laos to Belarusian and Laotian parents, gained public attention in 2022 when she was crowned Miss Universe Laos. As the fourth representative from Laos, she represented the nation in the global Miss Universe beauty pageant. Christina models for commercial agencies’ fashion photoshoots.

Barbie Piyamarth: 131k followers

Barbie Piyamarth rose to fame as a singer several years ago with her hit single Kha Jai (Stuck Heart) on Laostar Channel’s popular music program Musicboom. Barbie was a Miss International contestant in 2018. She is currently a freelance model for the A-List Talent Agency and works at Indochina Bank in Vientiane.

m.chanthida:132k followers

Chanthida Chanthasena, also known as Mild, is 19 years old and works as an A-List artist in Laos. Mild became well-known for being a famous twin along with her younger sister Chanouma Chanthida as well as posting lifestyle photos, playing the guitar, lip-syncing on TikTok, and starring in Lao and Thai music videos. She also performs in a Lao teenage series, Nora Naree.

anna_ssdr: 186k followers

Khanthaly Sorsingdara, a flight attendant from Laos Airlines, has become famous by posting her flight and flight attendant lifestyle on personal social media platforms. 29-year-old Khanthaly hails originally from the city of Luang Prabang.

koumphonphakdee: 200k followers

As a contestant on the hit show Take Me Out Thailand, Noony surprised everyone by bravely speaking in Lao with humor and confidence in a predominantly Thai-language TV show. This impressed the gameshow’s star, Aoff, so much that the two are currently a couple with a newborn baby girl. Noonyis the CEO of Ranee Brand, a facial cream and skincare brand. She also produces videos containing information about her marriage to a Thai national.

lingpiyadar: 264k followers

One of the most popular trans women in Laos, Ling Ling has been a source of inspiration for many by breaking barriers in the Lao entertainment industry. She’s often seen in fashion shoots for magazines and fashion runway modeling. Ling has become a Youtuber and shares her luxurious lifestyle and blogs on Youtube in the Thai language.

Alexandra Bounxouei: 335k followers

A Lao-Bulgarian singer, actress, model, and entrepreneur, Alexandra Bounxouei grew up in a family that had music in their veins and hearts. Her voice in music became a hit sensation in Thailand, Japan, Australia, America, and Europe. She was well-known as the first Lao actress to appear in modern Thai production, Rim Fung Kong, alongside famous actor Weir Sukollawat. Alexandra has been interviewed in serval media outlets in Thailand about her background and experiences.

hannah_kmz: 591k followers

Born in Thailand but brought up in Laos, Hannah Rosenbloom is a 21-year-old Lao-American actress and member of the Thai girl group 4EVE under XOXO Entertainment. Miss Teen Laos and performances in the teen series Diary Love have brought the young singer to prominence in Laos. Hannah and other group members have been featured on Spotify EQUAL in Times Square, New York City.

thanwa_than: 665k followers

Thanwa Suriyajak, also known as Thanwa, is an actor, model, and singer of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and French origin born and raised in Champasack Province, Laos. His name “Thanwa ” refers to the month of December in both the Lao and Thai languages. Hugna Salakahm and Love Summer on the Beach were the first Thai productions in which he excelled as an actor. Thanwa, who is 31 years old, has created his own YouTube channel to review the cuisine and lifestyle in Thailand.

Chi Chi: 733k followers

Chichi Sivilay, a young model, was one of the first Lao women to gain fame through Instagram and quickly ascended to the top with her candid photos of her stunning and luxurious lifestyle. She has appeared in the music video Poi by JoJo Miracle, a popular R&B artist in Laos.

appleminiberry: 1.1 M followers

Sisangian Sihalath, or Apple, began her celebrity life in show business in Thailand and rapidly rose to be among the country’s top celebrities with one million followers. She married Thai singer Fluke Jira of the band C-Quint in 2018.